Drum school Vasiliev Groove – learning to play drums, lessons for beginners

Drumming lessons

– Individual drum lessons and group training for children and adults
– Reporting concerts
– Lessons at a time convenient for you
– Free rehearsals at school


Independent rehearsals
Teachers are working artists
Acoustic and electronic installations
More than 20 concerts per year
Play your song in a month

Lessons at school
Vasiliev Groove

Individual and group training programs
Convenient schedule
Classes 1 or 2 times a week
Author's technique
Results from the first lessons

Free trial lesson


With a teacher and a drum kit.


Interesting classes using the author's methodology


From positioning your hands correctly to playing your favorite song on the drum set.

First song

You will play a song in the first lesson.

Each teacher is a working artist of the show

Azarhin Alexey
Kalinkina Alexandra
Rogozhnikov Roman
Salakhova Nelly

Наши педагоги
on the stage

Cost of classes

Individual sessions
  • Individual training programs
  • Обучение игре на барабанах проходят по индивидуальному графику
  • Recommended lesson time – 2 hours per week
1 lesson
3 500 ₽
60 minutes
1 free rehearsal
5 lessons
17 000
1 lesson – 60 minutes
30 days
5 free rehearsals
10 lessons
30 000 ₽
1 lesson – 60 minutes
45 days
10 free rehearsals
Group classes
  • Group classes
  • Classes are held at least once a week according to an individual, pre-agreed schedule
  • One group can teach drumming from 3 to 7 children
4 lessons
9 900
1 lesson – 60 minutes
1 month
4 free rehearsals
8 lessons
16 900
1 lesson – 60 minutes
1 month
8 free rehearsals
16 lessons
29 900
1 lesson – 60 minutes
2 months
16 free rehearsals
Children's ensemble
  • The program includes playing drums, learning new techniques, developing skills
  • Lessons are held every Saturday from 11:00 to 12:30
  • The ensemble recruits children from 6 to 16 years old
4 lessons
12 900
1 lesson – 90 minutes
1 month
4 free rehearsals

Choose a convenient time
for a trial lesson

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    Great school atmosphere

    The school is located in the park

    Education at the music school for adults and children takes place in a friendly atmosphere. Our goal is quick results; at the end of the course you will be able to play and sing your favorite songs!

    Professional music equipment
    Play your song in a month
    Cozy atmosphere

    Our students

    Report concerts

    Vasiliev Groove Kids at VDNH
    New Year's concert of the Vasiliev Groove music school
    Summer concert in the park
    Concert at the bar "Safety Techniques"
    Costume party
    Vasiliev Groove Kids at VDNH
    New Year's concert of the Vasiliev Groove music school
    Summer concert in the park
    Concert at the bar "Safety Techniques"
    Costume party

    Drumming lessons

    Школа барабанов VASILIEV GROOVE предлагает пройти обучение от опытных педагогов. Учиться играть на ударных инструментах – это весело и увлекательно. Курсы игры на барабанах станут первым шагом в мир музыки, помогут в развитии навыков, координации движений. Мы нацелены на быстрый результат, уже после первого урока студенты смогут сыграть любимую песню.

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    Each lesson at school lasts about 60 minutes. There are one or two drum lessons per week.

    In this free lesson you will get acquainted with the drum kit, learn the theoretical fundamentals of the world of drums and gain practical playing skills. After the first lesson you will be able to play your favorite song.

    Our school has all the necessary equipment for playing a percussion instrument. You only need to take a good mood with you. You will receive our branded drum sticks as a gift.

    At the drum school for beginners you will get acquainted with such styles of music as rock, jazz, classical, pop.

    Group classes consist of 3 to 6 people.

    Yes, you can sign up for classes according to an individual program that will be developed especially for you.

    Our school hosts more than 40 musical events a year, where you can fully demonstrate your practical skills.

    At the end of the course, you will learn how to play all drum sets, be able to independently play in different musical styles, and participate in festivals and concerts.

    You can pay for classes online or directly at the school by choosing the training course you like.

    Yes, professional musicians teach at our school and regularly conduct concerts and master classes for students.

    We use an individual approach when teaching our students, including in group classes. Experienced teachers help overcome learning difficulties that arise during the course.