Children's ensemble VG Kids – Vasiliev Groove

ensemble VG Kids

Your child will
in safe hands

Педагоги школы - действующие артисты
Yamaha's Top Acoustic Installations
More than 20 events per year
Branded sticks as a gift

Уроки в школе Vasiliev Groove - это

Participation in concerts, festivals and school ensembles
Самостоятельное выступление с оркестром или ансамблем на концертах
Obtaining musical skills according to an individual program with a teacher
Doing homework from drum school
Independent free classes at school

Free trial lesson


Getting to know not only the teacher,
but also with a drum kit!


No boring lectures. Only the squeeze and tricks from the world of drums!


Positioning of hands, selection of repertoire, rhythm. Bursts of emotions and drive!

First song

Already in the first lesson you will clearly play your favorite song!

Each teacher is a working artist of the show

Azarhin Alexey
Kalinkina Alexandra
Rogozhnikov Roman
Salakhova Nelly

Наши педагоги
on the stage

Cost of classes

Individual sessions
  • Individual training programs
  • Обучение игре на барабанах проходят по индивидуальному графику
  • Recommended lesson time – 2 hours per week
1 lesson
3 500 ₽
60 minutes
1 free rehearsal
5 lessons
17 000
1 lesson – 60 minutes
30 days
5 free rehearsals
10 lessons
30 000 ₽
1 lesson – 60 minutes
45 days
10 free rehearsals
Group classes
  • Group classes
  • Classes are held at least once a week according to an individual, pre-agreed schedule
  • One group can teach drumming from 3 to 7 children
4 lessons
9 900
1 lesson – 60 minutes
1 month
4 free rehearsals
8 lessons
16 900
1 lesson – 60 minutes
1 month
8 free rehearsals
16 lessons
29 900
1 lesson – 60 minutes
2 months
16 free rehearsals
Children's ensemble
  • The program includes playing drums, learning new techniques, developing skills
  • Lessons are held every Saturday from 11:00 to 12:30
  • The ensemble recruits children from 6 to 16 years old
4 lessons
12 900
1 lesson – 90 minutes
1 month
4 free rehearsals

Children's drum set
ensemble VG kids

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    Great school atmosphere

    The school is located in the park

    Education at the music school for adults and children takes place in a friendly atmosphere. Our goal is quick results; at the end of the course you will be able to play and sing your favorite songs!

    Professional music equipment
    Play your song in a month
    Cozy atmosphere

    Our children are at school

    Reporting concerts for children

    Vasiliev Groove Kids - Night drums
    New Year's concert at Hidden Bar Master class at VDNKh
    Master class at VDNKh reporting concert for passing the first quart
    Reporting concert on passing the first quart
    Vasiliev Groove Kids - Night drums
    New Year's concert at Hidden Bar Master class at VDNKh
    Master class at VDNKh reporting concert for passing the first quart
    Reporting concert on passing the first quart


    В нашей музыкальной школе на уроках для взрослых и детей вы сможете обучиться игре на различных музыкальных инструментах, включая гитары и барабаны. Мы также предлагаем курсы по вокалу и теории музыки. Наши педагоги имеют большой опыт работы в различных музыкальных стилях, включая рок, поп, джаз, блюз и классическую музыку.

    Мы отбираем педагогов на основе их опыта, образования и профессиональных навыков. Мы также учитываем их умение общаться с учениками и способность создавать дружелюбную атмосферу на занятиях. Занятия ведут только действующие артисты с опытом от 5 лет.

    The duration of training and the number of lessons per week may vary depending on the chosen course and the individual needs of the student. Typically classes are held 2-3 times a week, but there may be more intensive courses.

    Да, это возможно. Стоимость программы будет зависеть от количества занятий, продолжительности учебного времени и выбранного музыкального инструмента. Чтобы узнать точную стоимость, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами по телефону или заполнив форму.

    We will try to find the most convenient schedule for you. However, some classes may need to be taught on weekends or in the evening.

    Yes, our students can participate in music competitions, festivals and concerts. We also organize our own concerts and festivals where our students can perform.

    We use a variety of teaching methods, including individual lessons, group lessons, online courses and master classes. We also provide assistance in choosing musical instruments and accessories.

    Yes, we have a special preparation program for music competitions and exams. At the Vasiliev Groove private music school, both complete beginners and people who already have musical skills receive training.

    We do not currently provide such a service, but we plan to implement it in the future.

    We offer the services of professional musicians and teachers who will help assess your level of playing or singing and give recommendations for further development of your skills.

    После окончания наших курсов вы можете продолжить своё образование в любом музыкальном учебном заведении. Мы помогаем нашим выпускникам подготовить документы для поступления и даём рекомендации по выбору.

    Да, сможете. У нас работают профессиональные педагоги, которые имеют большой опыт работы с людьми, не имеющими музыкального слуха. Они используют специальные методики, которые помогают ученикам развить свои музыкальные способности и научиться играть на инструменте.