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Vasiliev Groove is a world of music and shows!

Under this brand, 2 directions are being developed:

– Vasiliev Groove Show is the #1 drummer show in Russia, founded in 2011 by Roman Vasiliev.

– Vasiliev Groove music school – a school founded on the basis of the show in 2020.

The main mission is your result, and our goal is that everyone can play and sing their favorite music!

We bring the brightest and most daring ideas to life!
All this develops into a large scale show and an incredible world of music!

Be with us!
Vasilyev Grove - everyone can do it.

Video about us

Video about us

Vasiliev Groove Show

Interactive numbers with spectators

Vasiliev Groove | Music school

Children's ensemble
Gift certificates
Professional teachers

Children's drum set
ensemble VG kids

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